Sunday, February 8, 2015

Landscape Daily Painting "Mountain Wildflowers", 6x8" SOLD

Happy Monday to you!

It's always nice to wake up to something cheerful, especially on a Monday, so I hope this little daily painting fills the bill for you.

Not my usual painting of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this one is from those grown up mountains in the northwest.  You know those real mountains, those rugged mountains, those manly mountains!

It seems to me that everything is more rugged in the west whether we are talking mountains, oceans, bears, seagulls, trees etc.  Everything seems tougher and bigger and maybe a little scarier!


We are a little more beaten down, or should I say, gentler on the east coast.  One thing that does not change, is the beauty of our country, no matter where you are!

Make this a great week!

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